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Strategy & Planning

Winning takes accurate assessment, strategic planning, and ambitious goal setting.

Design & Development

The production process for any campaign asset requires strong attention to detail.

Efficiency & Efficacy

We focus on what works and keep our clients on task to give them the best chance to hit their goals.

We Can Help You With

Digital Advertising

We’ve delivered millions of impressions across the country, from local elections for city council and judicial seats all the way up to US Congressional and Senate races. We know how to inspire your target audiences with strong messaging and calls to action at any stage in the campaign life cycle. Our areas of expertise include GOTV, awareness, call-to-action, fundraising, social media, search, programmatic, and connected tv advertising.

Traditional Advertising & Mail

Our firm serves as a one stop shop for all of your advertising needs. Whether your strategy calls for a seven-piece mail campaign, television, radio, print, or all of the above, we’ll execute with creativity, vision, and authenticity. If you are unsure what approach would be best for your objectives, our dedicated team will work with you and your budget to maximize your impact.

General Consulting

We thoroughly enjoy consulting candidates, managers, and staff in all areas of campaign work and steering campaign strategy on a more impactful level. We deeply want our candidates to succeed. We’ll work with you as general consult or guide strategy with your candidate/staff more directly to make that happen. Our consulting services include work in finance, communications, field, digital, and any other area of campaigning in which you need strategic support.

Van/Voter Data Management

Voter targeting is critical to the success of every campaign. We pride ourselves on our ability to manage your voter database so that you can reliably target the right voters from start to finish. We create custom universes for you based on your calculated win number, hot button issues in the press, voter demographics and location, and your campaign’s resources. We even meld these efforts with our digital advertising work to maximize your voter outreach efforts!


Our firm stresses fundraising to clients as a top priority. Whether you choose to fundraise with us or another firm, it is imperative to have an experienced hand guiding the process for you as your ability to raise funds dictates what you are able to accomplish in nearly every other area of campaign work. Our firm has a track record of success in raising money for our candidates and thoroughly understands the ins and outs of call time, follow up, and soliciting support from PACs and labor organizations, as well as proper event etiquette. 


The Whos, Whats, Whens, Wheres, Hows, and Whys of your campaign’s messaging are critical to get right in order to reach voters effectively and earn organic media. Our years of experience and training can help ensure you are taking advantage of opportunities as they develop in real time and use best practices with challenges like calls-to-action and social media algorithms to keep your audience engaged. We can advise and/or work on earned media, press releases, email marketing, social media, and political/labor relationship building.

Website Creation & Management

Have your website stand out against your competition with fast load times, easy conversion actions (like donate and volunteer sign up asks), stunning visuals, animation, and web traffic tracking, all of which can be used as data to inform you in real time what is and is not working well on your site. Attention spans are SHORT – bounce rates above 70% are common for political sites. Armed with cutting edge features and quality data, we can ensure voters stick on your site longer, either for persuasion, volunteer, or donation purposes.

Technology Solutions & Management

The options available to campaigns can be overwhelming. There are over a dozen peer-to-peer texting vendors alone! From our years of experience and training working in communications, digital, field, finance, and management, we’ve learned what works and can confidently guide campaigns and organizations to the technologies that meet their unique needs. We thoroughly understand the landscape around voter CRM, P2P and broadcast SMS, phone banking software of all kinds (predictive & power dialers), relational organizing tools, data management software, project management software, email managers, and data supplementation.

Staff & Candidate Trainings

So much goes into campaigning, it can feel overwhelming for candidates and their staff. Everything from broader fundraising strategy to minute details like email subject lines can impact your campaign’s effectiveness. Maybe you aren’t seeing the results you would like, or you are a first time candidate and don’t know where to begin. Our firm can help you figure out your blind spots and give you the training you need to overcome the obstacles in your path to victory.

Some Of The Previous Campaigns We Have Worked With
Kirschner Strategies Political Consulting Digital Advertising
Kirschner Strategies Political Consulting Digital Advertising
Kirschner Strategies Political Consulting Digital Advertising
Kirschner Strategies Political Consulting Digital Advertising
Kirschner Strategies Political Consulting Digital Advertising
Kirschner Strategies Political Consulting Digital Advertising

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We provide services for campaigns of all sizes across the country, most commonly in the digital space.

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