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Get the answers to frequently asked questions about our firm

How do you deliver on what you promise clients?

We are incredibly organized, detail-focused, and deadline-oriented. We also value direct communication with our clients throughout the creation process. We have found that these values lead to overwhelmingly successful outcomes for our clients.

What type of clients do you serve best?

Clients that are open to collaboration, feedback, and open communication. We hope to empower our clients throughout our working relationship with them.

What keeps you in this business?

Our dedication to our clients, ability to deliver results, and skills in our areas of expertise allow us to continue to make an impact through our work. Our clients frequently refer us out to their contacts in political and for-profit spaces after seeing our work in action.

How do you charge for your services?

During the initial consultation, we ask a lot of questions to better understand your needs and resources to develop a quote for the services we would provide that is financially viable for your campaign or organization.

What’s the process of becoming a client?

The first step is to schedule a consultation where we will discuss what services are of interest to you. Our firm will also ask questions to gain a better understanding of your campaign or organization’s current operations to determine which services would be a best fit and how we would provide them. Our firm would provide a quote for these services and we would agree to terms on how those services would be provided. We aim to move through this process quickly and painlessly for the many clients we work with who solicit our services for GOTV help (most commonly in digital advertising) where each passing day is incredibly valuable.

Why should we hire Kirschner Strategies over another political or advertising firm?

We operate very differently from other political consulting and advertising firms. First and foremost, we have a mission of empowering our clients with information, technology, and experience to build sustained success that they can take with them after our contract is completed. Second, we put our clients first – and we mean it! We understand that each campaign has a finite amount of resources and take that into consideration when offering our services to campaigns of all sizes.

Is the firm conservative or more forward-thinking in its strategies?

We can be both. We’ve worked with more reserved campaigns and extremely outspoken ones. However, in our consulting, we generally do not believe in doing things one way just because that’s the way its always been done. We believe in data, following as well as setting new trends, and trying out new ideas while still continuing to do what works.

Can I call and ask questions? What level of communication is there with clients?

Absolutely! Transparency and open communications are important values for our firm. We want our clients to be involved in our process and empowered through our work!

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