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We are a political and digital consulting agency dedicated to helping political campaigns, organizations, and causes empower their communities.

Digital Advertising

Our firm has run targeted advertising campaigns for mayoral, judicial, and city council races all the way up to US Congressional and Senate races with a focus on voter contact, persuasion, lead generation, and fundraising.

Highly Targeted Ads

Comprehensive, Multiplatform Strategy

Better Rates Than Our Competitors

General Consulting

Inquire about our general consulting services to campaigns and organizations. These services span strategic deployment of existing resources, short and longterm strategy, and assisting the financial, communications, field, political, digital, and data areas of operations.

Flexible Consulting Assistance

Experienced Strategic Expertise

Available to Advise Individual Staff/Fields

VAN/Voter Data Management

We’ve reliably managed voter databases and lists at the US Congressional level. Doing so is imperative to ensure the right voters are being targeted and your win number is hit by Election Day.

Best Practice Management of Data

Training for Field Staff

Custom Lists Built in Real Time Based on Hot Button Issues

Website, Creative, And Technology Management

Our firm can build and manage your website in-house, handle your graphic and mail design needs, and has extensive knowledge of the political technology landscape to advise your campaign on where money is best spent.

Advanced Web Design

Mailer Design and Messaging Done In-House

Technology Solutions for All Areas – Texting, Relational, Email, Etc.

About Us

We are a growing and powerful team of political consultants and digital strategists that bring cutting edge ideas, strategies, technologies, and solutions to political campaigns and organizations. Our experience encompasses local, state legislative, and federal races. We’ve helped build campaigns from the ground up, as well as provide last minute GOTV services to help campaigns move their supporters on Election Day.

How We Can Help

Our Services


Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is essential to campaigning, and it is a focus of our firm to ensure Democratic campaigns remain competitive. We craft meticulous campaigns across social media, search, programmatic, video, and audio spaces to reach voters in as many places as the budget allows.

Kirschner Strategies Political Consulting Digital Advertising
Political Consulting Digital Advertising Fundraising


Campaign Finance

Campaigns hire our firm if they are not meeting their fundraising goals or if they are new to the political space and are struggling to get off the ground. Our team helps candidates and staff ensure no stone is left unturned when it comes to building a strong financial foundation for their campaign.



Getting communications right is critical for the success for any campaign. We’ve professionalized candidates’ social media accounts, trained staff to write emails that push supporters to take action, and consulted candidates on relationship building with labor and political organizations. We’ve worked in all areas of political communications and are ready to discuss the needs of your campaign.

Political Consulting Digital Advertising Communications Messaging


Our services empower you to reach voters with motivational messaging, so that you can create change in your communities.

Traditional Advertising

Mail, radio, television, and robocalls. You name it – we’ve done it.

VAN/Voter Data Management

Database management that ensures the proper voters are being targeted and data is being managed effectively.

Website Creation

Websites legitimize a campaign and make lasting impressions. Stand out as a candidate with a fast and professional site.

Candidate & Staff Trainings

Inquire about a training on a variety of topics for you or your team, including VAN or one of the areas in which we consult.


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